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 VickyT is what you get when you mix The Beatles with Banksy, and add a dash of Snakes on a Plane.

 VickyT is the product of a lifetime of diverse cultural influences, summed up in a word—POP. Her father worked with The Beatles, her mother is featured in Exit Through the Gift Shop. She entered the pop culture lexicon as a member of Cobra Starship, with their theme song and appearance in Snakes on a Plane. That is three generations of memes before memes were a thing.

Half-English and half-American, Victoria has enjoyed a varied and exciting creative life thus far, defying definition and description – and she now looks to make her mark on the world with her infectious Synth Pop.  As expected given her background, VickyT is a renaissance woman. She has a hand in all aspects of her work—songwriting, music production, vocals, and even directing her own music videos. The visual accompaniment is a huge part of her creative expression.

She’s worked with Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam on their films, co-directed the title sequence to Orange is the New Black, collaborated musically with Miguel, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. She’s now stepping to the forefront with her first solo project, guided by collaborators like Panic! at the Disco.

Further expanding upon her renaissance woman title, and adding fuel to the fire of her new artist project, she has partnered with her father Peter Asher and music industry veteran Sean Glass to co-found Muted Color, a new independent record label. VickyT and Muted Color plan to release a new single each month, so watch this space!